Clawson Fargnoli Opens 2nd Location in Walterboro, SC

Clawson Fargnoli is excited to announce the opening of our new law office in Walterboro, SC! This is something of a homecoming for Christy, who grew up in Walterboro and still has many friends and family there. While we already handle a wide variety of cases across the state, this new office will give us a permanent presence in Colleton County. We look forward to working with our esteemed colleagues in the Colleton County Bar and to becoming a part of the Walterboro business community. Our office is located at 128 North Memorial Avenue and is open by appointment. Reach us at our Walterboro office by calling (843) 605-0161.

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$850,000 Settlement in Dram Shop Case

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a dram shop case for $850,000, a total recovery of approximately ten times the medical expenses. After our clients were hit head by a drunk driver and suffered various injuries, we sued the drunk driver and used that lawsuit as a vehicle for unilateral discovery against the bar. In addition to settling the claims against the drunk driver on a covenant not to execute and collecting all of the available auto insurance coverage, we sent a settlement demand to the bar, who requested a pre-suit mediation where they paid out a significant portion of the available coverage. 

Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including dram shop cases.

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Successful Settlement in Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident on I-95

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a motor vehicle accident case for $235,000. Our clients were traveling on I-95 in Colleton County when another driver collided with our clients’ vehicle, causing them to run off the road and into a tree. One of our clients was tragically killed in the accident and the other suffered a traumatic brain injury. Unfortunately, the at fault driver was from Florida and only carried minimum limits insurance of $10,000 per person. Undeterred, we worked diligently to recover the full limits of the uninsured motorist coverage under our client’s auto policy. While the amount recovered in no way made our clients whole, we are proud to have helped them obtain all of the compensation available. 

Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including motor vehicle accident cases. 

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Rabies Exposure in Downtown Charleston Results in $67,000 Settlement

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a rabies exposure case for $67,000. Our clients had rented a home in downtown Charleston that suffered from a bat infestation, which the property owner and property manager were unable to successfully control. After being exposed to multiple live and dead bats over the course of several weeks, DHEC recommended that the family receive prophylactic rabies injections. After pre-suit negotiations with the insurance adjuster were unproductive, we filed suit and were able to negotiate a fair settlement shortly thereafter.  Not every case results in a seven figure recovery, but all of our clients are important to us and we’re proud to have helped this family recoup their medical expenses, moving expenses and recover for their pain and suffering.  Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including rabies exposure claims.

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Nursing Home Negligence Case Results in $1,000,000 Settlement

Clawson Fargnoli is pleased to announce a $1,000,000 settlement in a nursing home negligence case in Georgetown County, achieved while working alongside our friends and colleagues at Cantwell Law Firm. Sadly, our client, who was confined to a wheelchair, was not secured with a lap belt by nursing home employees and fell out of the chair, resulting in a severe neck injury that required surgery and extensive rehabilitation. We demanded arbitration pursuant to the agreement with the nursing home and immediately noticed 30(b)(6) depositions of various corporate representatives, wherein numerous breaches of the standard of care were established, and sent a policy limits time demand to quickly secure all available insurance.

We are grateful that this speedy recovery will allow our client to enjoy a better quality of life and obtain the level of care she needs and deserves.

Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and wrongful death claims across the state, including nursing home abuse and neglect cases.

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Trip and Fall Results in $150,000 Settlement

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a trip and fall case for $150,000. After our client tripped and fell on a ramp inside a building, resulting in a complex fracture of her wrist and two subsequent surgeries, we filed suit against both the owner (landlord) and occupier (tenant) of the building alleging premises liability. Our expert witness, in the areas of engineering and human factors, opined that the ramp was in violation of numerous building codes and industry standards because of its excessive slope. We mediated the case and were successful in resolving it, despite the fact that the most culpable party did not have liability insurance for the loss and inevitably had to pay with personal funds.

Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including trip and fall cases.

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Moped vs. Tree Accident Results in $345,000 Settlement

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a moped vs. tree accident for $345,000. While operating a moped in Berkeley County at night, our client suddenly came upon a downed tree laying completely across the roadway. He crashed into the tree and, while lying in the roadway, was struck a second time when a passing car also hit the downed tree. Our client suffered a head contusion, road rash and a complex fracture of his wrist that required open reduction and external fixation surgery.

In addition to initially settling pre-suit with the driver of the other vehicle for his minimum limits of $25,000, we also filed suit against a government entity and two private landowners after they all initially denied liability for the fallen tree. The tree was within government entity’s right of way and on property owned by the private landowners, but they each disputed that they had any duty to inspect or remove visibly dead trees.

After approximately a year of litigation, thousands of pages of document production and numerous depositions, the government entity agreed to pay $270,000 to settle the case after we uncovered indisputable evidence that its employees had repeatedly failed to observe and remove this visibly dead tree during annual inspections in violation of their policies and procedures. Subsequently, we settled with the private landowners for $50,000 after a lengthy debate over their liability centered around the issue of whether this area was urban or rural, which dictated their duty to inspect for and remove visibly dead trees.

Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including tree fall cases.

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Successful Resolution in Maritime Case Totaling $185,000

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a maritime case for $185,000. Our client was working aboard a vessel engaged in salvage operations when his leg was crushed between two vessels. He was rushed to the hospital where he was diagnosed with compartment syndrome and underwent two surgeries. A key issue in the case was whether our client was classified as a seaman under the Jones Act or a harbor worker under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act, which affected the remedies available to him and the value of the case.

While our client was injured while employed upon a vessel engaged in navigation and performing the mission of the vessel, he spent the majority of his time ashore and was primarily employed as a mechanic in the company’s shipyard, making the determination of his status complicated. As a result, the parties agreed to participate in a pre-suit mediation and were able to reach a compromise settlement. Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including maritime and admiralty cases.

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Successful Day Care Abuse Settlement Approximately Ten Times Child’s Medical Expenses

Clawson Fargnoli is pleased to announce the settlement of a daycare abuse case in Richland County. Our client, a three year old child, was improperly handled by a childcare center employee who improperly pulled the child up off the floor by one arm when he failed to follow directions, resulting in an elbow fracture. When the child’s obvious pain and discomfort was reported to the center director by another employee hours later, the director reviewed the center’s video footage and observed the improper handling of the child. When confronted, the at fault employee maintained her innocence and shamelessly attempted to cast blame on the child’s mother for causing his injury. We filed suit and the case settled shortly thereafter for approximately ten times the child’s medical expenses. Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the South Carolina, including daycare abuse and neglect cases.

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Successful Defamation Settlement After Being Labeled a “Crook”

Clawson Fargnoli recently settled a defamation case for a confidential amount. Our client was called “a crook” by another person on his Facebook, Yelp and Google business pages, resulting in injury to his professional reputation, embarrassment and humiliation. After filing a lawsuit, we battled through a variety of coverage exclusions in the defendant’s homeowner’s insurance policy and were able to reach a settlement at mediation. Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases across the state, including defamation cases.

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