Another Successful Resolution of a Title IX Case

Clawson Fargnoli is proud to announce another successful resolution of a Title IX case. We recently settled claims of sexual misconduct involving female students and a male professor for a total of $166,000 in tuition credits, cash and attorney’s fees. This misconduct included hostile sexual comments, inappropriate sexual advances and unwanted physical touching of a sexual nature. After an independent investigation resulted in a report, which determined that our clients’ allegations were credible, the employee separated from the school and the school engaged in negotiations to resolve these claims. We have a great deal of respect for our clients who, like many women across the country, found the courage to stand up for themselves and speak out against gender discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct. Think of Clawson Fargnoli for life altering personal injury and death cases, including Title IX cases.

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Clawson Fargnoli Attorneys Achieve Results in Title IX Case​

Clawson Fargnoli, LLC recently resolved a Title IX case involving allegations that a private college failed to properly investigate the sexual assault of a young lady who was incapacitated due to alcohol consumption at an on campus party. We assisted this young lady in asserting her rights under Title IX and settled the claims against the school for an undisclosed amount due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the matter.

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any federally funded education program or activity. The purpose of Title IX is to provide protections to victims of on campus gender discrimination, sexual harassment and sexual assault. Federally funded schools, colleges and universities (including those whose students receive federal student loans) are obligated to comply with the requirements of Title IX. Title IX protects all students regardless of gender, requires that schools have an on campus Title IX coordinator and requires schools to provide policies and procedures for reporting and investigating of Title IX violations, as well as the prevention of retaliation.

Sam Clawson, Jr. and Christy Fargnoli have successfully represented female victims of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual assault, as well was falsely accused males who have become victims of the Title IX process. Think of Clawson Fargnoli if you or a loved one need assistance with a Title IX matter.


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