Defamation / Libel / Slander

Protecting your good reputation is of the utmost importance.  Injury to your reputation can result in damage to important relationships, missed business opportunities, and even loss of employment.  Defamation is broadly defined as a false statement that is spoken, written, or otherwise communicated about a person that could harm that person’s reputation.  Written defamation is called libel, whereas spoken defamation is called slander. The ability to defame others has increased exponentially with the proliferation of the internet, email, text messaging, and social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  These social media platforms allow for widespread distribution of false statements, which can result in widespread and irreversible reputational damage.  Taking fast action is crucial to protecting your reputation.  If your reputation has been injured as the result of a defamatory statement, contact us to discuss the legal options available to you.