Worker’s Compensation

On the job injuries can be devastating.  Fortunately, South Carolina law provides for a no-fault system of compensation for employees injured at work.  Workplace injuries commonly include falls, repetitive motion injuries, occupational illness, equipment malfunction, and automobile accidents.  Worker’s compensation benefits provide compensation for the emergency room, hospitalization, rehabilitative care, doctor’s visits, and even disability.  Workers’ compensation benefits can be a lifeline for those suffering from a workplace injury, particularly when it is impossible for workers to continue to earn a living during their recovery.  In addition, employees may have the right to recover outside of the workers’ compensation system for injuries caused by third parties.  Worker’s compensation is largely based on statutes and is a form driven practice.  It is important to retain counsel who are experienced with this system to maximize value in worker’s compensation cases. If you have been a victim of a workplace accident, contact us to discuss the legal options available to you.