Title IX / Campus Sexual Assault / School Bullying

Discrimination based on gender, sexual harassment, sexual assault, coaching abuse, and bullying have become all too common on high school and college campuses across the country.  School violence and harassment affects students in public and private schools, both small and large.  These claims are frequently investigated under the rubric of Title IX, which has resulted in unfair results for both men and women due to inadequate and wildly varying training standards, policies and procedures, and implementation on campuses.  When school officials fail to take proper action to investigate and rule upon these very serious claims, it only exacerbates the harm to both the complainant and the respondent. It is important to retain counsel that are experienced with this unique area of law, including applicable standards of care, to maximize value in Title IX cases.  If you have been a victim of discrimination, sexual misconduct, or bullying, contact us to discuss the legal options available to you.